Compostable Gloves

Compostable Gloves

Our compostable gloves are made from environmentally friendly and renewable materials. At BIOFLEXX, we are dedicated to the production of advanced processed bioproducts. We offer quality and eco-friendly compostable gloves with maximum customization for your business or individual needs. We let you pre-select the size, type, material thickness, and color, ensuring to bring your ideas and concepts into reality!

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Features of compostable gloves

The new compostable gloves are free of latex and hazardous ingredients. Besides, BIOFLEXX compostable gloves are manufactured, adhering to compostability standards. They can be used at home, in restaurants, hotels, or shops. Key features include:

  • High quality
  • Tailored to your requirements.
  • Safe for humanity
  • They decompose in compost facility, forming beneficial secondary materials.

Compostable Gloves Wholesale

At BIOFLEXX, we produce biodegradable gloves in bulk. We work with large volume orders (Minimum Order Quantity is 1 ton). It is very beneficial for our customers since we can customize them according to their needs. The larger the batch of goods, the lower its cost.

Contact us for the new compostable bioplastic gloves and start going green with our eco-friendly compostable gloves that give you a competitive edge!

Compostable Gloves

Compostable Gloves

Protection that's effective and environmentally friendly. BioFlexx off..

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