Single-use plastics account for a staggering 40% of the total plastics consumed. The rate at which this type of plastic is used is alarming. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), approximately 353 million tons of plastics were produced in 2019. With these disturbing statistics in mind, the world is heading in the wrong direction in curbing the risks of single-use plastics unless we take necessary actions. Luckily, BioFlexx offers compostable eco-plastic that decomposes in under 6 months in an industrial compost facility. Ordering compostable products in bulk from BioFlexx is one way you can start saving the world from the cruelty of single-use plastics.

Let’s dive into the 6 worst single-use plastics as of 2021 and how we can help you make a better decision for beloved mother nature.

Plastic Bags

The world uses about 500 billion plastic bags annually, making packaging one of the leading disposed of plastic wastes. The high usage rate pushes plastic companies to create more in a short span. These single-use bags are among the top killers of turtles, seabirds, and small animals, not to mention how ugly they make our environment look. The affected animals, especially turtles, mostly mistake them for their favorite meal, jellyfish. These plastic bags block the animal’s stomachs, leading to starvation.

Join BioFlexx in the journey to reduce the rate of single-use plastics with our BPI-certified, 100% compostable bags.

Plastic Plates, Cutlery and Take-Out Boxes

If you’re a fan of consuming take-out foods, the plastic cutlery, plates and take-out boxes that you get with the food will likely end up in the landfills or, in the worst-case scenario, in our waterways. This type of plastic items won’t get recycled even if you put them in the recycle bin. This trend is alarming because items like plastic cutlery will come into your home even if you don’t need it, just because it’s a norm in the industry. Some estimates put the number of plastic untensils wasted at 40 billions items per year in the United States alone. When these plastics are disposed of, they litter our ecosystem and eventually start to photo-degrade releasing toxic microplastics into the soil, harming everything that comes in touch with it.

One reason why plastic cutlery, plates and take-out boxes won’t get recycled is food contamination. With compostable bioplastic, food contamination is not an issue. By shifting to heat tolerant, 100% compostable, and BPI-certified eco-plastic plates, cutlery and take-out boxes from BioFlexx, you can divert bulk of these items into useful compost matter.

Let’s be smart! Let’s save nature now – nature will save us later!

Plastic Straws and Stirrers

You probably use plastic stirrers and straws if you love drinks like cocktails. But have you ever asked yourself where they go after you are done with your favorite drink? Plastic straws and stirrers are among the leading sources of plastic waste. According to Milo Cress, about 500 million straws are used each day in the U.S. alone. And to make matters worse, the straws are not recyclable and would have to be disposed of with regular garbage. The report from shows how straws at times get embedded into turtle’s nostrils. This is a single example of how plastic can significantly threaten marine life.

It would be best to start using more eco-friendly straws that fully decompose in a few months in a compost setting to save our future generations. Act now and buy compostable drinking straws in bulk at BioFlexx.

Plastic Packaging

Plastics are commonly used for packaging products. The annual growth rate of plastic packaging is about 9%. Also, approximately 40% of the total plastics produced are used for packaging purposes, implying that it is disposed of afterward. These statistics are damning, aren’t they? Suppose our companies don’t take appropriate actions to reduce plastic packaging. In that case, we and our future generations will suffer the wrath of their irresponsibility.

Shift to BPI-certified, eco-friendly, and compostable packaging bags and start saving the world!

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Plastic Bottles and Caps

About 480 billion plastic bottles and caps are manufactured every year. Every minute, nearly 1 million plastic bottles are bought. Since most of them are single-use plastic, they are disposed of, creating huge amounts of plastic waste in landfills and beyond. We need to act now by using environmentally friendly compostable solutions that decompose safely, generating valuable organic matter. We will not have a community if we destroy our environment with plastic bottles and caps. Reach out to BioFlexx for help with shifting to a greener, eco-friendly solution.

Coffee Cups and Lids

Most of us love coffee. But most coffee cups and lids are neither recycled nor are they compostable. They are single-use plastics or plastic-embedded paper that may take years to decompose. What’s more, even after they decompose, they will leave traces of harmful microplastics polluting our ecosystem. We do not have to sacrifice the power of coffee for a healthy environment. Instead, we can serve it better with eco-friendly compostable cups. Act now and go green – we don’t have a planet B. Order our compostable coffee cups wholesale to reduce the number of plastic coffee cups deposited in dumpsites and the ocean every year.

Our Environment Matters – Say No to Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics are a ticking bomb, killing our future gradually. The more single-use plastics are disposed of, the more we’re endangering bio life and our future. Eventually, high levels of harmful microplastics will be released when they start decomposing. Some of them will end up in marine life, such as mussels and clams. And we, humans, will be consuming that kind of shellfish with toxic microplastic. Scary to think that our diet may contain some form of plastic ever more so.

Say no to single-use plastics. Let’s embrace eco-friendlier bioproducts like compostable shopping bags, pet waste bags, and tableware from BioFlexx. Save nature, save humanity, save wildlife and marine life!

Get a Free Sample – A Turtle Will Thank You!

At BioFlexx, we offer a wide range of customized, BPI-certified, eco-friendly compostable alternatives for single-use plastics. Check out our compostable bioproducts and contact us today for a free sample or other inquiries!