Compostable plastic is a great novelty in the world market, created to replace obsolete and environmentally hazardous petroleum-based plastic. BioFlexx is engaged in the production of compostable products of any type. We are the manufacturer and wholesaler of biodegradable plastic with delivery services worldwide. Our company produces bulk quantities of BPI-certified compostable bags, compostable bin liners, compostable gloves, compostable agricultural films, and compostable tableware.

Note: We are a wholesale-oriented manufacturer and supplier of compostable bioproducts. Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 1 ton.

Why Are Our Compostable Bioplastic Products Better Than Conventional Plastic?

BPI compostable bioproducts can completely decompose and turn into soil components in industrial composting facilities within a specific time set by ASTM D6400 standard. This transformation of compostable bioplastic into useful soil products positively impacts our ecosystem, protecting our plants, animals, and humans. Did you know that standard plastic takes hundreds of years to completely decompose in the natural environment? And it keeps piling up year over year, causing irreparable harm for every living creature on the planet. With millions of tons of plastic material produced and disposed of every year, imagine how bleak our future will look if we don’t take any action now!

Compostable bioplastic products are available in a wide range. You can order environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable t-shirt shopping bags, produce bags, bin liner bags, dog poop bags, gloves, straws, take-out boxes, plates, cutlery, and even mulching film in huge quantities. We manufacture bioproducts of any size and with any logo printed according to your exact parameters. The more you order, the lower the price you will get! We stand behind our product quality and ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Our Compostable Bioplastic Products?

- BPI certified for North America by Biodegradable Product Institute

- We offer very competitive prices for orders in large quantities

- Our bioplastic is strong and durable

- We can produce compostable bioproducts of any color of choice

- We tailor our compostable bioproducts according to the client’s requirements

- We use high quality compostable water-based BPI certified ink to print text and graphics

- We also offer home compostable bioplastic for those who want to take composting into their own hands

Our biodegradable bags decompose into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass, which can be absorbed by the soil and used as fertilizer. This end of lifecycle successfully proves the sustainable path we are on.

Order our compostable bioproducts in bulk today and start going green!