Compostable T-Shirt Shopping Bags

Compostable T-Shirt Shopping Bags

Today, compostable t-shirt shopping bags are future-proof, effective and safe solution to replace traditional plastics. At BIOFLEXX, we offer a  better alternative to conventional plastic. Order customized, BPI-certified, compostable t-shirt shopping bags in bulk and start saving the environment from harmful plastic products.

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Why our compostable t-shirt shopping bio bags?

BIOFLEXX produces safe compostable shopping bags from environmentally friendly raw materials. We use modern technologies for production, which allow the creation of high-quality goods. Compostable bags do not decompose into harmful microplastic. Instead, they decompose to form humus and other beneficial organic matter. The basis is to use biomaterial that is easily compostable without harming the environment.

Benefits of compostable bio bags

Modern compostable grocery bags from BIOFLEXX are visually no different from their outdated plastic counterparts. However, BIOFLEXX compostable t-shirt bags do not harm the environment. Our bioproduct has the following advantages:

- can be utilized for organic waste

- can be used to bring groceries and then re-used for organic waste

- does not harm the environment

- attractive organic appearance

- high strength

- safe composting

- BPI-certified

- custom-made depending on your requirements.

Buy compostable t-shirt bags in bulk today!

Need wholesale compostable t-shirt shopping bags? If yes, we’ve got you! We work with large orders individually for each client. The larger the order, the lower the cost of the finished product! Contact us for pricing or any additional inquiries.

Compostable T-shirt Bag

Compostable T-shirt Bag

BioFlexx t-shirt bags are not the typical bags that you find in grocer..

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